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Texas Science Standards up for a vote

This week the Texas State Board of Education will vote on proposed science standards for Texas public schools.

You can read the draft here:

As the draft stands now Texas looks to be moving towards 21st century standards in my opinion. There is discussion about adding a proposal requiring equal time in public school science classrooms for intelligent design and pro-creationism science curricula. Whether or not you agree with the current draft or the proposed changes to the draft you should let your SBOE representative and your other elected officials know how you feel.

Make your voice heard. I for one don't believe my astronomy classroom is the most appropriate place for a discussion of intelligent design so I let me rep know how I feel even know she has publicly stated the opposing view. The free and open exchange of ideas is important in a democracy after all.

You can find your various Texas elected officials by entering your address here:

Make your voice heard!
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